Create a Clear Message and People will Respond

One study suggests we see over 5,000 marketing messages a day.  How do companies, such as yours, stand out? They provide a crystal clear message to their market.

StoryBrand is a 7 part process that positions you as the guide and your customer as the hero.  You understand what your customer wants and can give them a plan to guide them to a successful outcome - doing business with you!

Whether you are new to StoryBrand or have read the book, gone through the online course or attended a live workshop, we can support you in your efforts to spread a simple, clear message to your customers.

StoryBrand Online Marketing Course

9 Easy Modules that walk you step by step through the StoryBrand 7 part framework

  • 21 videos
  • 80-page downloadable workbook
  • Access to additional videos and resources to help you create your framework

StoryBrand Road Map Course

Learn to Create a Sales Funnel that Generates Results

  • 23 videos
  • 129 page downloadable workbook
  • Email Templates
  • Sales Letter Templates

Live Workshop
Nashville, TN

A 2-day workshop in Nashville with Donald Miller, author and creator of StoryBrand

  • Learn the formula for StoryBrand and the psychology behind its power
  • Understand how when applied this formula will clarify your message attracting customers to your product or service
  • Create your unique BrandScript that you can apply to your marketing

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It has been said that we, as consumers, see up to 5,000 marketing messages a day.  With so much information bombarding us each day, it is challenging for a company to set itself apart.  Over the past fifteen years, I've developed local, regional and national brands.  I believe you must have a clear, concise message to differentiate yourself. Using the StoryBrand method, together, we can define the message that will resonate with your audience.

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